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The full-day workshop will be organized around keynotes presentation followed by collaborative feedback/questions sessions. Talks will be taken as starting points to jointly brainstorm next steps, thus providing feedback and new ideas and initiating discussion at the same time. 
Furthermore, there will be a poster session just after lunch to enable workshop participants to share their research concerns and achievements (we plan to organize a call for extended abstract, each contribution will be reviewed by the committee).
We plan also to organize two panel discussions led by selected panelists (incl. our invited speakers). The first one dedicated to common ground needed around joint action execution, its components, its installation and the way to model it in a human-robot context. The second one dedicated to the evolution of this common ground along the joint action execution and particularly coordination and alignment issues that need to be taken into account.
The overall aim of this workshop is to determine what information needs to be shared between human and robot and how a common basis between human and robot can be achieved in order to enable smooth joint action.


List of topics

  • common ground needed for joint action and its management
  • joint goal establishment and negotiation
  • planning when the goal is a joint goal
  • joint goal / joint action description and modeling
  • joint goal / joint action execution, monitoring, turn-taking and timing management
  • skills for collaborative task achievement
  • agents world modeling and management
  • agents commitment
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