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Wednesday, July 26th


10:30-12:30 ROBOT JAM Session 1

Patrick Nalepka, Maurice Lamb, Rachel Kallen, Kevin Shockley, Anthony Chemero, Elliot Saltzman, and M. J. Richardson
Transforming simple pursuit to rhythmic rocking: Recent developments in emergent coordination using the virtual shepherding task for the development of adaptive human-robot systems

Auriel Washburn, Rachel W. Kallen, Maurice Lamb, Nigel Stepp, Kevin Shockley, and Michael J. Richardson
Self-Referential Delays Facilitate Anticipatory Synchronization During Artificial Agent-Human Interaction

Tariq Iqbal and Laurel D. Riek
Can robots synchronize with humans in tempo changing environments?

Marin, L., Madieu, E., Ansermin, E., Beausse, N., Salesse, R.N., Gaussier, P., Bardy, B.G., and Mostafaoui, G.
Can a human be unintentionally synchronized with a robot?

Ansermin, E., Mostafaoui, G., Beausse, N., and Gaussier P.
Using unintentional entrainment effect for modelling synchronous interpersonal motor coordination in a context of Human Robot Interaction

14:00-15:30 ROBOT JAM Session 2

Maurice Lamb, Riley Mayr, Tamara Lorenz, Rachel Kallen, Ali Minai, Michael Richardson
Joint Action with Non-Human Co-actors: Applying Human Joint Action Principles to Robotic and Virtual Co-actors in a Cooperative Pick-and-Place Task

Sandra Devin, Aurélie Clodic and Rachid Alami
Building and Managing Shared Plans for Human-Robot Joint Action

Tobias Fischer and Yiannis Demiris
Perspective mechanisms for facilitating joint actions in human- robot collaborations

Angelique Taylor and Laurel D. Riek
Robot Perception of Social Engagement Using Group Joint Action

16:00-17:30 ROBOT JAM Session 3

Group discussion and wrap up
Moderators: Tamara Lorenz, Aurelie Clodic, Micheal J. Richardson, Laurel Riek





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