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Moderators: Aurélie CLODIC, Tamara LORENZ, Laurel RIEK, Michael RICHARDSON


With the help of the audience, we have discussed of interesting research questions for the future as well as tasks and measures that need to be developped.


Research questions:

How to look for creativity in HRI?

Individual differences - how to account?

What about context detection, social context - situated affordances?

Social ethics/value injection? how? (dilemna ethics)

Uncanny Valley - just for appearance or also for the behavior?

Limits/Spectrum of naturalness, what makes interaction?

How does robot appearance affect trust?

how do we change ourselves to accommodate robots? => how to make them more flexible?

Which human cognition models could we implement in a robot?

What about language coordination? 

How to consider joint action toward language (e.g. regarding developmental psychology - motor babbling)

Humans vs robots (is it meaningful to have robots acting sub-optimally?)

Compensatory action

Hatpics: how do we react to a robot that we have an haptic interaction with?

Question of the embodiment?  can we test in which case an avatar could be enough instead of an embodied robot

Bi-directional vs uni-directional coupling


Interesting tasks:

Lego building

Table carrying - with varying difficulties

Imitation task - obsering/mimicking (is observer uncanny?)

Mirror task

Coordination task

Collaborative cooking

Playing music

Collaborative ping-pong


Shared space tasks (e.g. tangram (with magnet ?))

Line dancing 

Capture the flag


Haptic guidance (Bar escort)

Nerf war



Psychophysics (e.g. weighting of different objects, etc.)

Agency (how to find a good measure of robot agentivity)


Test in real environment / double tennis / air hockey


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